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What Is Vibrant Life®? 

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At their core, Sky Active Living communities are designed to create value for residents through meaningful care and excellent service. Vibrant Life® is an innovative, holistic program that allows residents to create their own schedules and connect with their loved ones and community. There are seven main components to living a Vibrant Life®. Our Vibrant Life® directors use these components to help create monthly activities for residents. 

    • Be Inspired – Gain a deeper sense of spirituality and feed the soul! 

    • Be Well – Intellectual stimulations, get moving and stay active! 

    • Be Challenged – Ignite competitive spirit, learn, grow and be motivated! 

    • Be Adventurous – Try something new every day, explore and experience the unique. 

    • Be Family – Cherish family connections, share and continue family traditions! 

    • Be Social – Embrace friendships, celebrate the moments, talk, laugh and listen! 

    • Be Connected – Engage in meaningful community involvement, share experience and expertise!

    Whether your goal is to nurture relationships, become more physically active, learn a new skill, or explore new places and cultures, Vibrant Life® meets residents where they are and provides an active community where they can live healthier, more fulfilling lives.


    Just getting started?

    We’re here to help.

    Just getting started?

    We’re here to help.